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Privacy Policy

Kimita Estate Plan Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) promotes personal information protection for customers by setting a privacy policy (the “Policy”), establishing a system to protect personal information, and requiring all employees of the Company to recognize the importance of personal information protection and to handle it with the greatest care.


How we handle personal information

The Company shall keep customers’ personal information accurate and up-to-date, and handle personal information with the greatest care, by consolidating the management system of security and taking necessary measures such as employee training in order to prevent fraudulent access, loss, corruption, falsification, and divulgation.


Use of personal information

The Company shall use customers’ personal information in order to reply to inquiries and/or send materials related to the Company’s business.


Disclosure to third parties

The Company shall handle customers’ personal information appropriately and shall not disclose to third parties, with exceptions in the following cases:

  • When we obtain consent from the customer
  • When we need to share personal information with a contracting company in order to provide services that the customer requests
  • When disclosure is required by laws or regulations
  • When disclosure is necessary to protect life, safety, or property of individual and obtaining consent from the customer is difficult


Measures to protect personal information

The Company shall take all necessary measures to maintain accuracy and security of personal information.


Referral to own personal information

In cases in which the customer requests either to refer to, update, or delete his or her own personal information, the Company shall confirm identity before processing such a request. Processing fees may be charged.


Legal compliance and updating the Policy

The Company abides by the laws and regulations of Japan related to personal information and reserves the right to update this Policy appropriately.



If you have inquiries regarding the Policy, please contact:

Kimita Estate Plan Co., Ltd.
#2F Dai 15 Kyutei Mansion
3-3-10 Sendagaya
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051
Tel: +81-3-5770-4649


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